Saturday, August 10, 2013

Video: Michael Cuddyer is a magician with both bats and cards

Colorado Rockies All-Star outfielder Michael Cuddyer is pretty good with a baseball bat. After all, the 13-year veteran did put together a 27-game hitting streak earlier this season, and he currently ranks third in the National League in batting average (.329).

Do you know what else Cuddyer is good at besides hitting? Apparently, the art of magical card tricks.

The Rockies were in New York City this week to play the Mets and MLB's Fan Cave caught up with Cuddyer to film him wowing locals with his ability to do amazing things with a deck of cards.

Hey, once Cuddyer's career in professional baseball is over, he may have a shot at being the next David Copperfield.

Via The Big Lead 

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