Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Robert Griffin: 'Never had a drop of alcohol'


Washington Redskins star quarterback Robert Griffin III isn't going to let anything get in the way between him and a successful pro football career.

The folks at GQ tabbed Griffin as the cover story for their September issue and the feature piece certainly had no shortage of interesting tidbits about the young signal caller.

One of the most interesting takeaways from the interview, though, is that Griffin claims he has never tasted alcohol. And the former Baylor star says he has no plans in trying it in the near future, either.

“Never had a drop. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I’ve never done any drugs. I need my body to be at its peak performance, and I want to have a long career, and alcohol can inhibit that sometimes. And I don’t need to get in trouble because I went out and got drunk one night and I don’t know how to be drunk. But she”—he nodded at Rebecca, his wife, who sat with us for part of the interview—”drinks, and I don’t judge, and what I’ve told her a bunch of times is the first time I drink, I’ll drink with her. When I’m done playing and I retire, and it’s time for me to go sit in a big house and do nothing all day, I’m going to drink. You know?”

So, there you have it. No alcohol for Griffin until retirement.

In the meantime, Griffin hopes to be 100 percent recovered from a serious knee injury sustained during the playoffs by the season opener on Sept. 8.

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