Thursday, August 15, 2013

Photo: Rays bring giant snake into clubhouse

(PHOTO: Paul White/USA TODAY Sports)

A 20-foot reticulated python named Asia paid a visit to the Tampa Bay Rays clubhouse Thursday afternoon.

Manager Joe Maddon said he chose the slithering creature to mingle with his players because, "the snake is representative of risk-taking and creativity in the Chinese culture."

As you might imagine, some players were freaking out over the mere sight of the snake.

“I don’t do snakes,” said outfielder Wil Myers, from the comfort of a card table across the clubhouse from the python.

“It eats people, you know,” Longoria yelled across the room.

No worries, though. The snake's handlers said the only known instances of a reticulated python eating people are in remotes areas of Southeast Asia.

Thankfully, the Rays are thousands of miles away in Florida.

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