Saturday, August 31, 2013

Photo: Notre Dame souvenir cups contain glaring spelling error

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Notre Dame is widely considered one of the premier academic institutions in the United States and deservedly so. However, that doesn't mean they aren't susceptible to a spelling error every now and then.

It appears as though there is a glaring spelling error on plastic souvenir cups being sold at Notre Dame's game against the Temple Owls on Saturday.

Uh oh.

The cups read "FIGTHING IRISH" and are apparently misspelled on every cup in the stadium.


  1. My niece got one today at the game!!! Big time collector item!!!

  2. Very sad... you think someone would have checked that WAY before the season started.

  3. how much did they cost.

  4. Sad that they brought in "so called" big time people, that have done nothing but ruin what use to be a great place.

  5. well since Notre Dame didn't make the cup would have to say they didn't spell it wrong and who knows how long they had cups before game......sad part is we can't blame china these were made here in the USA

  6. They were made by a Notre Dame grad...