Thursday, August 8, 2013

Matt Barnes comes to defense of Shabazz Muhammad after getting sent home from rookie program

Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Shabazz Muhammad was dimissed from the NBA's Rookie Transition Program Wednesday after violating one of the event's rules. Muhammad's transgression reportedly involved having a female guest in his hotel room hours after being told that it wasn't permitted.

Anyways, Muhammad got sent home, and will have to repeat the program next season. Many have come to the defense of Muhammad since news of his departure became public. And one of those supports includes 10-year veteran Matt Barnes.

Barnes took to Twitter Wednesday evening to air out his opinion on the matter, calling the situation "BS", even though the rules clearly stated that Muhammad wasn't allowed to do what he did.

I think @phenom15balla gettn kicked out of #NBARTP is BS. He’s a grown A$$ man, if he wants to hv a woman n his rm that’s his business(cont)

Then the media gets ahold of the story & blows it outa proportion, like they always do. Now his gotta bad wrap b4 he’s ever played a(cont)

Game.. Starting behind the 8 ball already! I guess I’m tryn to say there are bigger issues to deal with, then whether or not a grown(cont)

Man has a woman In his room.. @phenom15balla keep ur head up boy & keep working hard, this will blow over

This will blow over, indeed.

The violation itself isn't a big deal, a single adult man having a female guest in his room is anything but scandalous, however, rules are rules and Muhammad broke one. End of discussion.

Via Pro Basketball Talk

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