Friday, August 16, 2013

Eagles will blare music while offense is on field at home games

It's no secret that first-year coach Chip Kelly is shaking things up with the Philadelphia Eagles this season. The most notable change will be the fast paced offense Kelly is implementing with the Eagles after running it successfully for years at the helm of the Oregon Ducks.

Now, the latest innovation by Kelly was put on display in Philadelphia's preseason clash with the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night. Music blared from the speaker system as Kelly's offense marched down the field. Apparently, the loud music during live game action isn't going anywhere, either.

According to a report from CBS Philly, the Eagles are planning to continue to play music in the regular season while their offense is on the field, and prior to the snap of the football. Oddly enough, this won't necessarily break any NFL rules.

NFL rules say that, a stipulation, is that the music needs to be turned down with 20 seconds left on the play clock, when the opposing offense is on the field...So, Chip said well if there is no rule about when our offense is on the field, let’s play the music. And his thought is, well, we’re used to playing with the music. This perhaps limits the defenses ability to communicate or causes a little bit of confusion.

Once the knee goes down and the play clock goes down to 40 seconds, the music goes on right up until the snap. The Eagles are getting all the music that they have at practice—they’re used to it. They’re are not confused. This is why they’re doing it. Now what’s going to happen, ultimately perhaps, the league is going to have to amend the rule or every other team in the league is going to try to do it.

Absolutely [this will happen during the regular season]. The Eagles are nonplussed by the music, by any sort of distractions in the stands, anything going on around them, because they have been practicing since day one.

The act of blaring music while playing isn't a new thing for the Eagles. Kelly has had the team practicing to music ever since their first organized practice in the offseason. So, now opposing defenses must deal with both distracting background noise and stopping Kelly's high octane attack.

Via Bleacher Report

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