Friday, July 12, 2013

Video: Padraig Harrington wins 'Happy Gilmore' hack off

Anyone who claims to be a golf fan has undoubtedly seen the 1996 classic Happy Gilmore which features actor Adam Sandler emerging as a superstar golfer in order to get his grandma's repossessed house back.

Sandler plays the animated Gilmore to perfection and boasts a swing unlike anything seen in the professional golf ranks today.

The Golf Channel recently decided to bring a bunch of pro golfers together to see which one could imitate Happy Gilmore's swing the best. However, it was no easy task, as Gilmore was known for whacking jaw-dropping drives off the tee.

Phil Mickelson was joined by Paul Lawrie, Nicolas Colsaerts and others at the 2013 Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open Pro-Am to take part in the festivities. The end result is awesome.

The man credited with the longest drive was Padraig Harrington, who blasted a ball 328 yards, according to Golf News Net. But it shouldn't came as a surprise that Harrington won the competition. After all, he did have some practice.

Harrington was once featured in an awesome Sports Science segment dedicated to whether Gilmore's fictional swing had any real benefit.

Harrington did smash the ball about 30 yards farther. But it was concluded that the extra boost in power was not worth the increased inaccuracy issues.

Via Bleacher Report

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