Monday, July 8, 2013

Referee didn't know if Anderson Silva was faking or unconscious


Veteran referee Herb Dean admitted that he didn't know if Anderson Silva was faking or unconscious in the moments immediately after receiving Chris Weidman's knockout blow in Saturday's UFC 162 headliner.

Silva has a reputation of clowning around in the octagon in the midst of UFC fights and Saturday night's upset defeat at the hands of Weidman was no different. However, Silva's antics got him in trouble this time around as he tried to defend his title.

Dean had refereed four Silva fights prior to UFC 162 and had witnessed many more cageside. So, when Weidman landed a left hook that sent Silva crashing to the mat, he didn't know what to believe at first. Was it real or just another one of Silva's flamboyant antics?

"It was almost a replay of the pantomime that he had done," he said. "I saw him go down. I respond to it whether it's pantomime or not, but to be honest, I wasn't sure. But I'm going to respond and get in close to get a better look. Once I got in there and got a better look, he was unconscious to me."

The loss marked the first of Silva's UFC career and ended a string of 10 straight title defenses. The social media world lit up immediately following the conclusion of the bout with some fans claiming Silva got what he deserved. Even Dean said he was a little caught off guard by the result.

"You put two well-trained guys who are trying to take each other's will away, anything can happen," Dean said. "But the way it happened, to get caught in the middle of his antics, I think that was a little bit surprising."

When Dean was asked about Silva's antics he replied, "I didn't have any problem with it," Dean told "If that's what he wanted to do. Everybody is in there for their own reasons, and he's in there to do something great, and he challenges himself to be able to do his antics while he's right there in the danger zone, and he was doing his thing."


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