Friday, July 19, 2013

Ray Allen blames the media for creating bandwagon fans

The recent success of the Miami Heat has created a huge and diverse following of fans. Now, most people would label these fans as bandwagon, only latching onto the team in moments of glory, but turning their collective fair-weathered backs anytime else.

Heat guard and future Hall of Famer Ray Allen acknowledged this unique segment of fans during an interview with The Washington Post. And he thinks he knows exactly who to blame for their existence.

“When we go on the road, you see people in Heat jerseys that have never been to Miami,” Allen said with a smile. “We were in Utah, and I thought that same thought — like, these people, some of these people, have never been to Miami before. I think it’s the machine of SportsCenter….Look at all the media outlets, from First Take to PTI to Around the Horn, that talk about the same stuff. We haven’t played for two weeks, and I think every time I turn on SportsCenter, they talked about LeBron in some form. And he hasn’t done anything but just be on vacation. So as much as we blame the fans for being bandwagon, it’s mostly the media’s fault. Because the media’s the one that continues to feed the machine.”


It has been said more than once before that everyone likes a winner. This reigns extremely true in sports, and in this case the Heat. The media has undoubtedly supplied fuel to the Heat's fandom, from "The Decision" in 2010, to the endless discussions about the team on a daily basis. It's only natural for folks who casually follow the game to cast their lot with the team they see the media talking about the most, which also happens to be the team which is winning.

Coincidence? I think not.

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