Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Photographer upset Hall of Fame removed Aaron Hernandez photo

The Pro Football Hall of Fame puts a new photo on display every year after asking a panel of photography experts to choose the best NFL photo of the year. The photographer gets an award and the picture is put up on permanent display in Canton, Ohio.

However, the award-winning picture of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez scoring a touchdown in 2010 no longer hangs. The image was taken down when numerous visitors complained about viewing a picture of an accused murderer.

That hasn't gone over well with the creator of the picture, Mary Schwalm.

“It is disappointing,” Schwalm told the Sporting News. “I was able to say, ‘I have a photo hanging in the Hall of Fame.’ Can I still say that?”

Schwalm also said she was disappointed the Hall of Fame didn't tell her it had removed her photo. Instead, she found out on Twitter.

“I’m bummed. I’m disappointed,” Schwalm said.

Although I can certainly see why Schwalm is disappointed and upset, she must get a grip on the seriousness of the situation. Hernandez is charged with taking the life of a young man, which is way worse than having the Hall of Fame take down a photo.

Via Pro Football Talk

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  1. she has nothing else to worry about except my picture was taken down, wah wah cry baby - shut up and deal with real problems