Monday, July 22, 2013

Photo: Pirates fan shaves message into chest hair

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The Pittsburgh Pirates paid a visit to the Washington Nationals in D.C. Monday night. But that wasn't the greatest spectacle to behold.

Instead, the greatest sight to behold was a Pirates fan, who apparently made the trek from Pennsylvania, to deliver a show of support to his favorite team by shaving a prickly message into his obscene chest hair.

The fan's message read: "LET'S GO BUCS."

It's safe to say this guy scared a few kids away during the whole ordeal. But this isn't the first time this guy has pulled off the stunt.

In May, the same fan went shirtless in a show of support, by shaving away his chest hair in a message that read "LET'S GO PENS" in support of the hometown Penguins.

Via For the Win