Friday, July 26, 2013

Pete Rose sends stern word of warning to cheaters

Pete Rose, baseball's all-time hit king, has been banned from MLB since 1989 for betting on baseball as a manager with the Reds.

Despite being banned from the game for nearly a quarter of a century, Pete Rose continues to be an outspoken figure in the Major League Baseball world.

His latest comments come just days after the league decided to hand down a hefty suspension to Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun for his connection to the Biogenesis scandal. Rose, who was banned from baseball in 1989 after being found guilty of betting on games, has a message for all of those players who may be using performance-enhancing drugs like Braun.

"Come clean as quickly as you possibly can. I guess Braun thought he was going to get away with it when he got off the hook the first time. I wish I could go around to all the spring training camps and talk to the young players about what happened to me.

"If baseball wants to get you, they've got enough resources and enough investigators that they'll find a way to get you.

"I wish I had come clean a lot sooner," he said. "I had my different reasons why. It's not right. I made a mistake and they made a mistake."

The all-time hit king knows a thing or two about coming clean. Rose adamantly denied his gambling activities until 2004 when he finally issued a confession in his autobiography. Rose, who is the only living person banned for life from the game, has tried to file for reinstatement multiple times, but has yet to receive a ruling from Commissioner Bud Selig on his case.

In his opinion, Braun got off to easy this time.

"Braun's got to feel pretty fortunate to only get 65 games, because they're really cracking down on it," he said. "He did like I did. He disappointed a lot of people. Deceived a lot of people. And if you get anything out of it, I think the young players should take one thing away from it: Don't lie. All they have to do is watch what happened to me, and that would teach you, don't lie."

Rose obviously found out the hard way that lying was bad. However, he still contends that what he did was way less detrimental to the game than using PEDs.

"The most important thing in baseball — the history of baseball — is the stats. I did nothing to alter any stats. I did nothing that would (tick) Babe Ruth off. I did nothing that would (tick) Roger Maris off. I did nothing that would (tick) Ty Cobb off. So I guess my question would be — wouldn't it be nice if you could talk to Roger Maris or Babe Ruth? Hank Aaron won't talk about it. Those are the guys whose records have been assaulted by steroids. Not my record. And if someone ever got 4,257 hits that was linked to steroids, I'd have something to tell you about it."

Rose remains confident that he will be reinstated one day, though.

"Most people in this country understand that people are human and they make mistakes. And most people will give somebody a second chance. I'm still waiting on that second chance. I'll get it someday."

As bad as a practice of gambling on the sport is, especially while still being heavily involved in the outcome of games, Rose does have a point. All of the numbers he compiled while playing are 100 percent legitimate. The fact that he bet on baseball while serving as a manager shouldn't take anything away from his achievements as a player. Twenty-four years is punishment enough. It's time to let Rose back into baseball.



  1. Although I agree that Rose should be reinstated and in the HOF, Rose agreed to the lifetime ban. I also agreee with Roses' statement that his cheating didn't change what he did as a player, which is why I believe he belongs in the HOF. As for Baroid, Aroid, and the other PED users, Ithink their numbers should be stripped from the record books or atleast an *, like they did with the previous hr records because of the amount of games played.

  2. Charlie Hustle....He had it! I was not a big fam of his back then because I am a New Yorker..
    He should be in the HOF - Remember this: He bet on his team to WIN!
    Nothing wrong with that in my book!

    1. What about the Reds' games that Rose DIDN'T bet on while manager? Would he alter line-ups to benefit the Reds' games that he DID bet on?
      It's stupidty and scandal extreme! I stopped watching sports for months because of what he did. He was one of my all-time sports heroes growing up. The guy made every at bat exciting.....and he was a singles hitter! He played every facet of the game great (except power- but if he tried to excel at that - he would have). During his 44 game hitting streak in '78 I sent him a simple fan letter- imagine my delight when a couple of weeks later a simple white card arrived in the mail that said "Thank You" on the outside and inside was simply his autograph- not a copy.
      I forgive him. What a baseball player. Those Reds teams of 1975 and 1976..........

  3. Pete Rose should NOT be reinstated to baseball or allowed in the Hall of Fame ever! (or at least not in his lifetime!) There are players from 1918 who are still waiting for their case to be re-heard. When MLB reinstates the 1918 players, they can wait the same 100 years to do the same for Rose. OK, maybe 20-30 years AFTER he dies, it should come up for consideration, but no earlier. Pete Rose always was and always will be a scumbag! I lost ALL respect for the man when he "cleated" a 2nd baseman sliding into 2nd base back when he was still fairly young.
    Rose is a smug, arrogant, conceited crybaby s.o.b. that got exactly what he deserves. JMHO

  4. Rose is a Hall of Famer! Much better than the thugs who are currently playing the game! Charlie Hustle is the man!