Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New evidence found in Aaron Hernandez's secret 'flop house'

Authorities uncovered new evidence against former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez that may very well seal his fate in court.

On Wednesday, authorities searched through a secret apartment leased by Hernandez and found boxes of ammunition, a sweatshirt, and a baseball cap, among other items. Police referred to the apartment as a 'flop house" where Hernandez used to store things he didn't want anyone else to find.

The articles of clothing recovered at the rental property are similar to what Hernandez wore during the night he allegedly played a role in the death of Odin Lloyd.

Hernandez currently resides in jail as he awaits trial on a charge of first-degree murder.

Here are some other things found at the apartment:

-A white hoodie “consistent in color and type with the sweatshirt that Hernandez is observed to be wearing on surveillance cameras the night of the homicide.
-A red baseball cap worn by Hernandez to a nightclub on the Friday night before the murder. Prosecutors had previously said Hernandez’s anger at Lloyd could have been sparked by an incident at that club.
-Five boxes of .45 ammunition (the caliber of the shells found on Lloyd’s body), five boxes of rifle ammunition, and one box of .22-caliber ammunition.
-Keys to a brand-new Hummer registered to Hernandez.
-Paychecks from the Patriots and Puma.
-A bag from Kay Jewelers.
-A valet receipt from the W Hotel in Boston.
-A Western Union receipt.
-A Hertz car rental agreement

Lloyd, who was dumped at an industrial complex about a mile from Hernandez’s North Attleboro (Mass) mansion after he was killed, reportedly had inside information about Hernandez’s involvement in a 2012 double-homicide in Boston.

Things certainly don't look too good for Hernandez at this point in time as the evidence is becoming insurmountable. If convicted, he could face life in prison without parole.

Via Sports Illustrated

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