Friday, July 19, 2013

Michael Vick: Prison made me a better person

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick spent two years in prison for his involvement in an illegal dog fighting ring before his second stint in the NFL. It has been said that prison is a life-changing experience for those who have been incarcerated. Vick would certainly agree with this as he told the folks at TMZ that he is a better person because of it now.

"Sometimes it takes this ... for a person to go through certain hardships ... to realize what their purpose really is," Vick said.

"I think God placed it on my heart when I was incarcerated to come out and be the best person I can be and to help as many people as I can help."

Vick has been spending time in Washington D.C. this week with Rep. John Lewis from Georgia to push a charity that recruits volunteers to play sports with incarcerated children. The program is called Team Freedom Outreach and Vick appears to be very passionate of the cause.

"Many of these children who are incarcerated receive no visitors.

"Team Freedom Outreach gives them positive mentorship. It shows these kids that somebody cares. It helps them make a plan," Vick said.

If there is anyone who knows about second chances it is Vick. The southpaw was arguably the biggest star in the sport when he was charged in the dog fighting ring. Many believed he would never play a down in the NFL again. But he has and expects to be in an intense battle for the starting quarterback spot once more in 2013.


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  1. Good for him. I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan and I am unsure of who I want to be this teams quarterback come the start of the year. But what i can say is that Michael Vick has been a professional since being here. hes backed up everything he promised when it comes to off the field. On the field hes been up and down, but in the big picture, its good to see a guy take advantage of a second chance like he has. It makes me want him to win the job partially, but regardless hes done good in my book.