Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Donte Stallworth: 'I was very homophobic'

Speaking on a recent episode of ESPN's Outside the Lines, Washington Redskins wide receiver Donte' Stallworth revealed that he was once "very homophobic" and couldn't be in the same room with a gay man "at all."

Stallworth admitted he was ashamed he felt that way and even confessed he was so homophobic that he used to go out to a club and yell gay slurs for no reason.

The NFL veteran said it took some personal hardships of his own to eventually end his discriminatory behavior toward homosexuals. Additionally, Stallworth recently agreed to having his likeness featured on the league's LGBT Pride t-shirts.

“I’ve experienced hate because of me for a number of reason,” he explained. “For the color of my skin, or having money. For my accident with my DUI and manslaughter four or five years ago. When I started to look back on that, and the hate that I got from all those people and I looked at it, like, you know what? That’s the same thing I’m doing towards gays. So I can’t be upset with these people if I’m being a bigot and acting that same way.”

The NFL has still yet to have its first gay player come out publicly. And Stallworth believes it could present a problem for a teammate who is "ignorant" towards the gay community.

Via Sports Illustrated

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