Tuesday, July 9, 2013

College baseball player suffers terrible hot dog eating experience

Apparently, Joey Chestnut has inspired other eaters to eat hot dogs as fast he does. However, a recent eating contest involving a collegiate summer league baseball team turned dangerous after one of the player's plan to not chew his food backfired terribly.

Brian Read, a pitcher for the Seacoast Mavericks, was trying to win the hot dog eating competition by using a strategy that involved not chewing anything when he wound up vomiting, and couldn't hold down food or even water for the next 24 hours. Eventually, his condition worsened to the point where he sought a doctor.

Seacoast Online has more on the story:

By midday Monday, he decided his condition required medical attention. At this point, he said, it felt like there was a “brick” inside him. Doctors initially gave him muscle relaxers and morphine in hopes that whatever was stuck would simply become dislodged.

When that failed, doctors performed an endoscopy using an instrument that provided a look down Read’s esophagus. He said they discovered the area near where the esophagus meets the stomach was clogged, in large part due to a 1.5-inch-long piece of hot dog stuck sideways.

Once doctors discovered the obstruction, they knocked Read out, and performed surgery to remove the piece of hot dog. Read awoke feeling much better as he devoured some ice cream and chugged plenty of water.

“I don’t think a simple drink of water has ever tasted so good,” he said.
Moral of the story: chew your food, guys. Well, unless you are a super human eater like Chestnut, who downed 69 dogs in 10 minutes during last week's Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

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