Sunday, June 16, 2013

Virginia Tech producing special colognes and perfumes?

Have you ever stopped and wondered what your favorite school would smell like if it was a fragrance?

Well, several Virginia Tech fans got the opportunity to smell reality last Friday as dozens of Hokies-themed fragrance bottles were set up at the campus bookstore for folks to sample.

A fragrance company based out of New York City has been hard at work creating the perfect scent for Hokies fans and Friday allowed students and strangers alike to vote for the one they thought smelled best.

"I've never heard of this concept before, but I think it's great that the student body can come in here, walk in and vote on what's going to be another permanent part of the Virginia Tech brand," said one enthusiastic sampler.

The company will eventually whittle down the selections available to females and males to three scents a piece. The packaging will most likely include Virginia Tech's signature schools colors of maroon and orange.

There has yet to be a price tag assigned to the colognes and perfumes, however, the plan is to have these Hokies-themed fragrances bottled and ready for sale by the time students arrive on campus for the fall semester in August.

The whole concept of branding, marketing, and distributing school-themed scents is very intriguing to say the least.


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