Friday, June 14, 2013

Video: Young Pirates fans try and fail to start the wave

Opinion seems to be generally split toward The Wave.

Some folks are totally on board with getting up out of their seats and raising their hands on cue, while others simply despise it. Count the Washington Nationals as ones who aren't too fond of it.

However, a group of young Pittsburgh Pirates fans tried valiantly to get The Wave going Thursday night as the team trailed the San Francisco Giants in the seventh inning. The kids were located just below the broadcasters and you best believe the broadcast team highlighted their futile attempts at getting the wave going.

Watch as the youngsters try multiple times to get the folks sitting around them to join in on The Wave and fail. As you can see, other Pirates fans weren't buying in.

Perhaps it's because the folks sitting around them have had the life sucked out of them over the years due to the Pirates incredible streak of losing seasons which currently stands at 20. And being down 9-0 at home was certainly not going to boost their morale, either.

Nonetheless, nice try by the upbeat young fans.

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