Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Video: Umpire has odd and disgusting bubble gum ritual

Major League Baseball rookie umpire Jordan Baker really loves bubble gum. And he also has a weird practice of tossing his used gum onto the outfield grass after every half inning. Baker reloads with a new piece of gum before repeating the unsavory tradition when the next three outs are recorded. Because who wants to chew bubble gum that no longer has its flavor? Apparently, not Baker.

Well, the Arizona Diamondbacks broadcast team decided to highlight Baker and his odd ritual Tuesday night during its game against the Cardinals in St. Louis. Sure enough, the cameras showed wads of the gooey stuff in the luscious greenery of Busch Stadium to serve as evidence. Furthermore, the folks over at Lobshots also caught Baker in the act last weekend in San Diego. Baker was promptly showered with a round of boos from the crowd and deservedly so.

Look, I can totally understand wanting a new piece of gum to chew throughout the game. But there has to be a better way to discard old ones than by simply tossing it on the field of play. That is just gross and I'm sure the grounds crews despise him everywhere he goes because of it. Additionally, many traditionalists may also state that the antic is a disgrace to the game, and I for one have to agree.

Hopefully the league takes action before fans take action of their own.




  2. He'll be known for that cretin behavior. Especially on artificial turf. All they have to do is get together and have the heads groundskeeper of the ball clubs and the games he worked and what base he covered. Then send him a bill at the end of the month / year. Registered or certified mail. For the cost in labor and replacement of turf if they can't remove it. Top it off with a littering fine each time he tossed it in each city he worked.
    The guy must of been brought up in some backwoods holler barefoot. I can imagine his dentist bill.
    He's the type who'd take a dump not wash then would pick a sticky booger and eat it off his finger.