Monday, June 3, 2013

Video: Orioles fan scoops up foul ball with umbrella

A group of Baltimore Orioles fans found themselves in a predicament Sunday afternoon at Camden Yards.

A foul ball had made its way onto a railing below their seats during the top of the third inning. It was sitting in such a position to where nobody was going to grab it by simply outstretching their arms.

So, one Orioles fan decided to employ the use of something traditionally relegated for rain. The fan used an umbrella to scoop up the baseball and bring it home to himself. Pretty clever.

His successful attempt was well and all, but he committed a cardinal sin when he failed to hand the ball over to one of the youngsters sitting around him. Come on, man.

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  1. I'm all for young fans having a good experience at a game, but I also realize that many fans have been waiting for a foul ball their entire lives, since they were young fans themselves. So I think its equally important to respect a fans "time served" or "time invested" as well.