Saturday, June 22, 2013

Video: Atlanta Braves apparently scared of ghosts

Several members of the Atlanta Braves wanted no part in staying at the infamous Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee this weekend as they visited the Brewers for a series.

The stories about the alleged haunted hotel have run rampant in the news lately. And apparently this has the likes of Jason Heyward, B.J. Upton, and Justin Upton, among others, scared enough to pack their bags and stay elsewhere for the trip.

The Braves broadcast crew took some time to investigate the matter during Friday's game and wound up interviewing infielder Chris Johnson. Johnson doesn't seem to be spooked by the hotel and called teammates who are as being "wusses" and having "ghost issues."

Those are fighting words right there.

The hotel must have had some impact on Atlanta's performance, though. The Braves were shutout for the tenth time of the season in their 2-0 defeat at the hands of the Brewers.

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