Monday, June 17, 2013

Three Navy football players to be charged in rape case

A trio of Navy Midshipmen football players will be charged with rape after officials completed an investigation and chose to send the case to an Article 32 hearing.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred in April 2012 when a female classmate alleged she was sexually assaulted by the players at an off-campus residence in Annapolis. The female reportedly woke up with bruises after a heavy night of drinking and later learned from friends and social media that three football players, who she considered to be friends, claimed to have had sexual intercourse with her while she was intoxicated and blacked out.

All three players were allowed to play football during the 2012 season.

The identities of the players have yet to be revealed by the U.S. Naval Academy as the Navy has yet to complete official paperwork.

The case was originally reported to NCIS in April 2012 and an investigation took place throughout the summer and fall before eventually closing in November. No charges were pressed.

The female midshipman approached lawyer Susan Burke in January and was advised to speak with NCIS, again. NCIS reopened their investigation in February and has since been completed and reviewed by the Naval Academy's Superintendent Michael Miller.

After reviewing the case, Miller decided to take further legal action.

Via Sports Illustrated

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  1. Didn't the NCIS investigators try to interview the young woman and she refused thus the case was unable to be fully investigated the first time and also the young woman did not want to go forward with the case back then per other reports on this case? Why try to make it look like the NCIS folks simply closed the case without further ado the first time?
    What is going on with this drinking alcohol to the point where a person no longer is aware of what is happening to her or him?