Monday, June 24, 2013

Thieves stole $10k worth of alcohol at U.S. Open

Someone really needed to wet their whistle after the U.S. Open.

A whopping $10,000 worth of alcoholic beverages were stolen from the Merion Golf Club just two days after the tournament ended June 16. The heist reportedly happened around 11 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18 as the booze were stolen from a nearby pavilion called the Trophy Club.

The Trophy Club is “an exclusive on-site, air-conditioned pavilion with live U.S. Open coverage located at Haverford College, approximately 400 yards from the clubhouse parking area and the 18th hole at Merion Golf Club.

Alcohol wasn't the only thing stolen from the site, though. An Xbox 360 video game console was also swiped at the Merion Golf Club when it was taken from a locked case inside of a tent on June 14.

Could the two crimes be connected? Who knows?

If so, a thief is probably having a video game marathon right about now, and is indulging in an endless supply of beer and spirits in the process.

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