Saturday, June 8, 2013

Recruits unanimously agree Tennessee has 'best looking girls'

Although Alabama has reigned supreme lately on the football field, a debate often rages about which program is the most dominant in the Southeastern Conference. 

However, there seems to be no debate about which school boasts the most attractive women, at least according to a recent interview by 247Sports with some top 2014 and 2015 recruits.

A group of them toured eight SEC schools in four days this week and were later asked about their preferences based on multiple topics. Their opinions varied greatly on most topics, but all six agreed on one thing, the University of Tennessee has the best-looking ladies.

Best looking girls

Sturghill: Tennessee

Cathey: Tennessee

Jones: Tennessee

Johnson Tennessee

Thomas: Tennessee

McMillon: Tennessee

For the record, the Vols currently sit third in 247Sports' recruiting rankings. I guess it isn't too difficult to understand why now, either.

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