Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photo: Hockey fans stiff Shoney's employee for not putting Stanley Cup on

Vindictive Hockey Fans Stiff Shoney's Employee On Tips

The search for the most vindictive hockey fans in America has come to an end in Panama City, Fla.

On Wednesday, the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks duked it out in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup. And three customers who visited a local Shoney's restaurant during the game really wanted to catch the action on television while they ate.

However, their request for the waitress to change the channel proved futile, so they decided to show their displeasure by stiffing the employee on tips.

It turns out that the failure to flip the channel to the game may not be entirely the employee's fault, though.

A tipster sent the following to Deadspin on Thursday:

My friend works at Shoney's in Panama City. During last night's stanley cup finals, a couple of people asked her to change the channel to the game, which she would have done except she doesn't have the ability to do so. It's something only the bartender can do (and apparently he didn't do it for whatever reason). She tried. So they stiffed her.

Bear in mind these people could have walked about 5 feet and asked the bartender themselves, but of course, why do that.


No hockey fan wants to miss one of the most important games of the season. But perhaps next time they should pick somewhere else to watch the game other than Shoney's. Or approaching the bartender to change the channel may have sufficed as well.

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