Friday, June 21, 2013

Photo: Diamondbacks fans pay homage to Jay-Z song with custom jerseys

A pair of Arizona Diamondbacks fans, presumably a lovely couple, were spotted at a game recently donning custom jerseys in tribute to Jay-Z's "99 Problems" hit song.

As you can see, the guy in this photo is wearing the No. 99 with "Problems" written in the name section. Meanwhile, the lady is sporting the No. 1 with the message "I Aint" on her back.

The creation is undoubtedly in reference to the key line in the song which states, "I got 99 problems but a [sic] ain't one."

It's not the most innovative of custom-jersey designs as the song as been beaten to death over the years with various references. However, these two do deserve a round of applause for their effort for the wonderful jersey coordination and show of unity.

Via Big League Stew

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