Saturday, June 22, 2013

Marcell Ozuna allegedly ate five cheeseburgers before Marlins game

There is a great debate going around in the Miami Marlins clubhouse as to how many cheeseburgers outfielder Marcell Ozuna consumed before Friday's game in San Francisco.

Ozuna claims he only consumed three In-N-Out cheeseburgers and three chocolate chip cookies. However, many of his teammates beg to differ, as they insist he actually devoured five cheeseburgers.

"My teammates say five (burgers)," Ozuna told the Miami Herald. "Just three cheeseburgers and three cookies - 3 for 3. That's a good deal."

Can you imagine trying to play baseball with five greasy fast-food burgers churning in your stomach? Well, Ozuna apparently certainly can.

The pre-game meal turned out to be fruitful, though, because Ozuna wound up ripping a go-ahead single in the eighth inning to help stage a three-run rally.

Miami eventually doubled up the Giants, 6-3, to secure their ninth straight win at AT&T Park.

All hail the five cheeseburger diet.

Via Deadspin

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