Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kentucky offers seventh grader football scholarship

New University of Kentucky football coach Mark Stoops has been hitting the recruiting trails hard since he took the job last November.

His efforts have paid off as the Wildcats currently rank No. 12 in ESPN's updated 2014 recruiting rankings. That is not too bad for a school mostly known for its basketball tradition.

However, Stoops and his coaching staff aren't stopping there. No, Stoops already has his eyes set toward the Class of 2018 after offering a scholarship to seventh-grader Jairus Brents on Thursday after the 13-year-old participated in a football camp at UK this past weekend.

"He said they watched the film [of the camp] and said I was working really hard and that I stood out, and then he offered me [a scholarship]," Brents said.
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The 5-foot-8, 152-pound Brents was put into a group with all Class of 2014 receivers at the Kentucky camp. Brents intercepted three passes and broke up several others. He will also attend camp at Louisville, Vanderbilt and Western Kentucky this summer.

Vaughn said Brents' performance at the Kentucky camp is not the only reason he is deserving of recognition from colleges. Vaughn said Brents has a 3.7 GPA and is a leader in his community and household.

It should be noted that Kentucky's offer cannot be handwritten until Brents reaches his senior of high school. But there is no NCAA rule against putting a verbal offer on the table. 

Believe it or not, Brents isn't the first seventh grader to receive a scholarship offer from a major school. David Sills received and accepted an offer from USC in 2010 and is planning to sign with the Trojans in 2015.

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