Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jason Peters arrested after drag racing and fleeing police

Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jason Peters was arrested early Wednesday after getting caught drag racing and then trying to flee police in Louisiana.

According to the report, Peters was driving a white Camaro when police spotted his car and a blue sedan lined up at a red light around 4:45 a.m.

When the light turned green, both cars accelerated at high rates of speed and gave the appearance that they were racing.

This is when the acting officer turned on his emergency lights and attempted to pursue the vehicles. The sedan pulled over immediately, however, Peters had a different plan and began speeding toward an interstate.

The Camaro exceeded speeds of 100 MPH while the officer chased Peters. Eventually, Peters exited the interstate and pulled into a nearby shopping center parking lot.

The officer ordered Peters to get out of the vehicle. Peters obeyed and was promptly handcuffed, placed in the back of the police car, and booked into the local correctional center.

He has been charged with drag racing and resisting arrest by flight.

This is Peters' second arrest, both occurring in Louisiana. He was charged with disturbing the peace in March 2011 while in Shreveport for a Rick Ross concert. Officers asked him to turn down the volume in his vehicle and he was not cooperative, police said.

Peters missed all of the 2012 season to recover from an Achilles injury.

The 2013 campaign will mark the fifth with the Eagles for the 31-year-old.


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