Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Greg Hardy uses strange gun analogy when making bold sack predicition

Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy has high expectations for himself this upcoming season when it comes to the number of sacks he plans to record.

"Fifty,'' Hardy told ESPN on Tuesday when asked.

To say that Hardy's goal is a lofty one would be a terrible understatement.

Hardy enters the 2013 campaign with a total of 18 sacks in his entire three-year NFL career. So, racking up three times as many as that amount in one season seems rather delusional.

However, that didn't stop the 24-year-old from making a strange analogy when providing justification for his bold prediction.
“Why shoot low, right? If I’m going to shoot at it, I’m going to shoot at it with a 50 caliber. I’m going to shoot at a little bird with a 50-caliber bullet. That’s the goal for this year, 50 sacks, that’s where I’m at. That’s the goal, 50. You heard it first.”
Shooting a little bird with a 50-caliber bullet? Easy, big guy.

And yes ,we did hear it here first. And we also heard it here last.

For the record, the single season record for sacks is 22.5 set by Michael Strahan in 2001.

Good luck, Mr. Hardy.


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