Friday, June 28, 2013

Ex-teammate on Mark Sanchez: 'He's stupid while being stupid'

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has gained a reputation around the league for being sort of a clown off-the-field and deservedly so.

A YouTube video earlier this week showing Sanchez's naked backside alongside two young women and alcohol didn't help that perception, either.

Now, former teammate Erik Ainge has sounded off on Sanchez's propensity for shenanigans, calling the young signal caller "goofy, stupid, and dumb," among other things. Additionally, Ainge also suggested that Sanchez needed plenty of assistance to help him get through his desire to do silly and outrageous things.

“Mark is goofy. He played truth or dare. He was kind of awkward around girls, so he needed other people around him to help him out. I was good at that — there were other guys who were good with that. So we’d help him out and talk him through his awkwardness. It happened to him with the 17-year old who said she wasn’t 17. Now the butt video and there’s been several other issues just like that, but he’s always had wingmen.

“Now it’s become a thing to try and catch Mark doing something stupid. He’s never breaking the law. Look at Aaron Hernandez, Mark Sanchez is child’s play in the NFL, as far as off-the-field stuff. I’d know as good as anybody —- what Mark does off the field is child’s play. He’s dumb about it. He’s stupid while being stupid. You have to be smart while being stupid, and he’s dumb while being dumb."

Apparently, running around naked is the norm for Sanchez.

Ainge told a story of a time when Sanchez was caught on cell-phone video streaking through a party at his own condo following a Jets win in 2009. Ainge stepped in and smashed the cell phone before the team and the rest of the world could see Sanchez's embarrassing antic.

Although Sanchez certainly brings a lot of negative attention to himself, Ainge did note the fact that what his ex-teammate does is far less troubling than what other players get themselves into. Namely, Hernandez, who could very well spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted of murder.

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