Saturday, May 11, 2013

Video: Young Astros fan catches home run, gives ball to friend as birthday present

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This adorable girl is definitely evidence of that after catching a home run ball off the bat of Houston Astros left fielder Trevor Crowe and immediately giving it to her friend as an early birthday present.

The stellar catch was made in the bottom of the second inning when Crowe lifted a ball into the seats in left field at Minute Maid Park. As you can see, this girl came prepared and promptly snagged the ball all by her self.

Then, she turned around and gave the souvenir to the person who took her to the game, her friend, whose birthday just so happens to be getting close.

She was awarded the "fan of the game" award by the broadcast team and deservedly so. However, she should also receive some sort of award for being an Astros fan, because it has to be brutal rooting for the franchise lately.



  1. way to go alexis that's my girl

  2. Awesome alexis