Friday, May 10, 2013

Video: Victoria Azarenka smashes racket, goes off on umpire

Victoria Azarenka was none too happy during her match at the Madrid Open.

Seen here is the Belarusian tennis player smashing her racket into the ground after misplaying a ball. Just look at the anger she takes out on that poor piece of sports equipment. The racket never had a chance.

Then, she proceeds to engage in a heated exchange with chair umpire Mariana Alves because she allegedly said a "bad word" earlier in the match. The umpire gave her a point penalty, but failed to reveal to Azarenka what exactly the "bad word" was. Naturally, this incited Azarenka, who was already upset about playing so poorly.

Azarenka went on to lost the match to suffer her first defeat of the year.

Via SportsGrid


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  2. Considering there is nobody in the stands, how do these tournaments stay in business?

  3. she was just thinking ahead to serena and thought she jump on someone who couldn't fight back