Saturday, May 25, 2013

Video: Umpire blows double play call in Mariners game

Well, it's safe to say first base umpire Jeff Nelson blew this call.

The moment came in the bottom of the second inning as Seattle Mariners hitter Jesus Sucre hit a sharp grounder at Texas Rangers first basemen Mitch Moreland with a man on first. At first glance, the ball appeared to be tailor made for a double play.

Moreland quickly rifled the ball to shortstop Elvis Andrus covering the bag at second and then Andrus fired back toward first base to try and complete the twin killing. However, the controversy ensues when both Moreland and pitcher Rick Grimm attempt to cover the bag, with Grimm eventually catching the return throw. The umpire calls Sucre out and the rest is history.

There is only one problem, though. Grimm was nowhere near the base when he made the catch. Neither set of broadcasters caught that fact until a couple of replays later. But Mariners skipper Eric Wedge must have, because he marched out of the dugout to argue immediately.

But in the end the play stood. And now it goes into the running for one of the worst blown calls of the season.

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