Thursday, May 2, 2013

Video: Squirrel runs onto field during college baseball game in Kansas

A mischievous squirrel made its way onto the diamond during Tuesday's game between Kansas and Wichita State.

Watch as the little guy sprints toward second base and draws all kinds of attention from the players on the field. Some of the players try in vain to capture the creature until Wichita State catcher Tyler Baker, who had reached second base on a double, was finally able to secure the squirrel in his helmet.

“I was scared it would do something, but it was weird, he just walked up to me,” Baker said. “I was just saying, ‘Come here. Come here, little guy.’ … I thought it might jump up out of the helmet, but it just looked up at me the whole time.”

As you might expect, Baker received a nice ovation from the fans in attendance for his wrangling effort.

Oddly enough, another squirrel reportedly made its way onto the field just a few innings later. This one was quickly herded back off the field before much of a spectacle took place, though.

Via The Big Lead

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