Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Video: Spurs fan screams her lungs out during thrilling finish

The San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors engaged in a playoff game for the ages Monday night. And the screaming fan you hear in the background of the television broadcast is likely waking up with a raspy voice this morning.

Members of the viewing audience were treated to a double-overtime affair in which saw the Spurs pull out a 129-127 victory. But the audience was also forced to endure the constant, annoying screams of this lady, who we can only assume was positioned right behind one of TNT's many cameras.

The lady screamed at the top of her lungs for much of the second half and most of the two overtimes, as well. While we cannot slam the devoted fan for her commitment to scream, err I mean cheer, her Spurs on to victory, we can complain about the painful ringing in our ears on Tuesday from having to listen to her.

Seriously, it sounds like the lady was stuck on a roller coaster for about two straight hours. It may take several days for her vocal chords to recover from this one.

Via For the Win

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