Thursday, May 9, 2013

Video: Robinson Cano records milestone hit, Yankees give him imposter ball

Thursday was a milestone day for Yankees second basemen Robinson Cano.

Cano legged out an infield single in the third inning to record his 1,500th career hit. In customary fashion, the ball he hit to notch the milestone was removed from play and rolled into the Yankees dugout for a keepsake souvenir.

Now, usually these balls are considered sacred. And therefore are not to be messed with. But the Yankees said the hell with that and decided to have some fun with Cano's dubious ball, anyway.

Watch as they switch it with an imposter and proceed to write some sort of humorous message. Well, apparently Cano thought it was funny at least.

Cano would later add a solo home run in the fifth to help lift New York past the Rockies, 3-1, in front of a sparse crowd at Coors Field.


  1. This would be newsworthy if we actually knew what was written on the ball...

  2. Cano now is halfway to joining captain's elite 3000-hit club, hopefully as a Yankee.