Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Video: Michael McKenry flips bat after drawing walk, nearly hits umpire

Home plate umpire Tim Welke nearly took a bat to the face Wednesday afternoon.

The moment came in the top of the fifth inning during the Pirates-Brewers game at Miller Park when Buccos hitter Michael McKenry flipped his bat backwards after drawing a walk.

As you can see, Welke was never in any real danger, but the fact that McKenry just about pegged him is odd enough. Watch closely as McKenry looks down at his batting gloves while jogging down to first base as if to suggest that the reason the bat landed where it did was because his hands were slick.

Yeah, we aren't falling for it. Wide receivers have been playing the trick for years after dropping a pass. So, we have all seen our fair share of the "blame my slick hands" routine.

McKenry hung to the lumber his next at-bat, though. The 28-year-old catcher proceeded to blast a solo home run in the seventh to help Pittsburgh eventually overcome the Brew Crew, 6-4.

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