Thursday, May 23, 2013

Video: Michael Bourn's hilarious blooper allows Miguel Cabrera to hit home run

Someone cue the Yakety Sax music.

Cleveland Indians center fielder Michael Bourn committed a baseball folly Wednesday night that even former MLBer Jose Canseco is laughing at.

Bourn's embarrassing play came with one out and a runner aboard in the eighth inning of Cleveland's game against the Detroit Tigers. The man at the plate was none other than Miguel Cabrera, which judging by the stats, doesn't need any extra help from the defense. But that's exactly what Cabrera got from Bourn Wednesday night at Progressive Field.

Watch as Cabrera smashes a deep drive toward the wall in center that sends Bourn racing back to the edge of the warning track. It appears as though Cabrera's ball is going to come up just shy of being a home run until Bourn inexplicably has the ball pop out and over the fence while trying to secure the catch. It's something you have to see more than once on replay to believe.

Cabrera is all smiles as he rounds the bases while Bourn is left to think about what went wrong. The Tigers went on to win the game, 11-7.