Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Video: Matt Kemp gives away hat, jersey, shoes to lucky fan

One lucky Dodgers fan had a night he will never forget on Monday.

This video was uploaded to YouTube Tuesday morning with the following description:

Matt Kemp is such a great person. He came over after the game and made one of my best friends night :) he's fighting a tough battle and this was such a great gift by Matt Kemp ! I'll never forget this.

Watch as the All-Star center fielder makes his way over to the fan after the game to say hello.

At this point, all the fan could have dreamed and hoped for was a signed baseball by Kemp, or maybe a simple photo with the superstar. But Kemp generously gave him much more than that.

As you can see, Kemp then peels off his hat, jersey, and yes, even his shoes, and proceeds to hand them to the delighted fan.

This is what it's all about, folks. Kudos to Mr. Kemp for the gesture.

Via Eye on Baseball

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