Monday, May 13, 2013

Video: Manny Ramirez comes up terribly short on slide

Is there anything more entertaining than watching former MLB star Manny Ramirez play baseball in Taiwan? I contend that there is not.

The latest spectacle of Ramirez comes from a humourus slide attempt in a game over the weekend. Watch as the veteran tries to escape a potential tag at second base by sliding into the bag.

Unfortunately, he begins his journey on the ground much too early and winds up a good five feet away from the base. The shortstop then applies the tag and sends Ramirez back to the dugout awaiting some good-natured ribbing from his teammtes.

A halfway decent slide probably allows Ramirez to be safe because of the errant throw. But as any baseball fan would know, Ramirez hasn't made millions playing the game by running the bases.

Via Eye on Baseball

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