Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Video: Joel Hanrahan rips sign with wild pitch

The ninth inning of Monday night's Red Sox-Twins game was a rough one for Joel Hanrahan.

Boston entered the frame clinging to a 5-4 lead and hoped that Hanrahan could close out the game. That wouldn't be the case on this evening.

Seen here is the Red Sox closer uncorking a wild pitch that ends up ripping one of the signs on the backstop. Yeah, I would venture to guess that a 95 MPH fastball would be capable of doing such damage.

The batter standing at the plate during this perilous moment was Twins leadoff man Brian Dozier. The close call must have elevated Dozier's focus or something because he smacked a game-tying home run, his first of the season, just moments later.

Hanrahan was subsequently charged with a blown save. Two batters later, the right-hander was forced to leave the game after experiencing tightness in his right forearm.

To recap, Hanrahan cut loose an errant pitch, smashed a sign, blew the lead, and injured himself all in a matter of about five minutes. The silver lining here is that the Red Sox did end up winning the game, though. Stephen Drew's RBI-double in the 11th inning sealed the deal for the home team.

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