Saturday, May 18, 2013

Video: Jeff Francoeur continues tradition with opposing fans by visiting before game

Jeff Francoeur may be the most popular player among Oakland A's fans.

Of course, that may seem strange considering the outfielder plays for the Kansas City Royals. However, it's not too hard to realize why A's fans, especially those who occupy the right field seats at the Coliseum, adore him so much.

This weekend, Francoeur and the Royals are making their one and only trip to Oakland during the season. So, A's fans decided to hold "Bacon Friday" in homage to Francoeur, who has been treating A's fans generously since 2011.

In September 2011, the A's fans in section 149 started ‘Bacon Tuesdays.’ by bringing homemade bacon creations into the stadium. After the game, Francoeur chatted with the fans and even indulged in some delicious bacon. The next day, Francoeur attached a one-hundred dollar bill to a signed baseball and gave it to the ringleader. The group still has that ball and bill!

In April 2012, Francoeur returned to Oakland to find those A's fans wearing t-shirts that said '2nd Annual Bacon Tuesdays...Sponsored by Jeff Francoeur.' A day later, Francoeur was so impressed by their loyalty that he decided to order 20 pizzas to have sent to their section. Oh, and he also gave them a signed bat!

On Friday, the fans held their third annual event, and wouldn't you know it, Francoeur showed up before the game to visit with them for awhile. How cool is that?

The 29-year-old is batting just .221 with one home run and nine RBI in 2013. So, he isn't exactly lighting the league on fire. But should the Royals ever decide they don't need his services anymore, I have to believe these A's fans would gladly push for him to wind up in Oakland.

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