Sunday, May 5, 2013

Video: Daniel Nava completely fooled by home run hit by Ian Kinsler

Boston Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava may not be the best person to ask for help if you misplace something. Nava had enough trouble trying to locate a no-doubt home run by Texas Rangers second basemen Ian Kinsler on Saturday.

Watch as Kinsler smacks an offering from Red Sox hurler John Lackey high and deep toward the seats in left field. At this point, nearly everyone in the Ballpark at Arlington knows the ball is heading well over the wall for a home run. Well, everyone except Nava.

Poor Nava never had a chance as he lost the ball as soon it left Kinsler's bat. But that didn't stop him from stopping in his tracks and trying to locate it.

Texas went on to win 5-1, with Nava driving in the only run of the game for the Sox.

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