Sunday, May 5, 2013

Video: C.J. Wilson makes nifty grab by using his hat

Los Angeles Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson didn't throw a single pitch in Sunday's loss to the Baltimore Orioles, but he made his defensive presence felt on the field anyway.

Seen here is the southpaw making a nifty grab on a foul ball by using his hat as a glove. This wasn't no ordinary foul ball either. No, this one had a ton of wicked spin on it which makes the fact that Wilson was able to reach out and corral it with relative ease even more impressive.

The Angels could certainly use Wilson's steady hands more often. No American League team has committed more errors so far this season than Los Angeles' 21. Their inability to play solid defense could be partly to blame for their disappointing 11-20 record.

But at least C.J. Wilson can really pick it with his hat, eh?


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