Tuesday, May 14, 2013

University of Hawaii reverts back to 'Rainbow Warriors' nickname

On Tuesday, the University of Hawaii announced that all of the school's men's athletics teams will once again be known as the Rainbow Warriors, including the football team, which has has used the "Warriors" nickname since 2000.

According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Hawaii athletic director Ben Jay said the return to the Rainbow Warriors name is a better representation of what the school and community embodies.

"I've been asking since I was hired here [in December] who we are and what is most representative of the islands," Jay said. "Those three words -- Warriors, rainbow and Wahine -- are representative of who we are."

The school had previously allowed each men's program to decide for itself what to be called after former football coach June Jones led a movement to remove the "Rainbow" from the football team's name at the turn of the century. Since then, some of Hawaii's men's teams have chosen to go with the Warriors moniker while others elected Rainbow Warriors.

Now, it appears the teams will no longer have the freedom to call themselves what they want. Rainbow Warriors is in for the long haul.

The school's women's teams will continue to go by the Rainbow Wahine.

Via Eye on College Football