Friday, May 24, 2013

Former Bronco admits trying to purposefully injure player

People don't refer to football fields as war zones for no reason.

Playing in the NFL is a brutal, aggressive, and risky endeavor by its very nature, which often leads to gruesome injuries. However, majority of players will be willing to admit that they wish no will ill on any of their opponents.

Well, unless you are former Denver Broncos offensive lineman Tom Nalen. During a press conference to introduce him as a member of the "Broncos Ring of Fame," Nalen admitted that in 2006 he intentionally tried to injure San Diego Chargers defensive lineman Igor Olshansky. And Nalen didn't want to inflict just any kind of injury. No, he claims he wanted to blow out Olshanky's knee.

“I wouldn’t consider myself a dirty player,” Nalen said. “I know people will bring up the Igor Olshansky play in 2006, but if people would look at the play before that and realize why I did what I did — and even on that play I missed the cut — so you know definitely, I wanted to blow his knee out on that play because of what happened the play before. But that, you know, is that dirty? I don’t know. It’s revenge, kind of, so.”
For those who don't recall the play Nalen is referring to, it came when the Broncos lined up to spike the ball and stop the clock, causing players on both teams to stand up, except for Nalen, who dove dangerously into Olshansky’s knee. Olshansky then threw two punches at Nalen and was ejected from the game.

Nalen was fined $25,000 for the play and Olshansky was fined $10,000 for retaliating.

It's one thing for Nalen to think about and act upon purposefully injuring an opposing player. But it's quite another for him to actually come out and say it publicly. I realize that he is not alone in his desire to cripple the opposition, though. He pales in comparison to some of the guys on this list. Namely, former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski, who is widely regarded as the dirtiest player to ever play in the league.

Via Sports Illustrated

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