Monday, May 27, 2013

Senator: Rutgers is 'becoming comedy central'

Two New Jersey senators have voiced their opinion about the latest controversy swirling around the Rutgers University athletic department.

Senators Ray J. Lesniak and Richard Codey have expressed a desire to see newly-hired AD Julie Hermann get fired after troubling allegations surfaced about her past. And the duo also wants to see university president Robert Barchi get fired, too. Furthermore, they want the school to bring back recently departed Tim Pernetti as athletic director.

“(Pernetti) is a decent guy,’’ Lesniak told the Post. “Look, would I have done things differently? Yes; but I’m a maverick. He was in a situation and followed legal procedures laid out before him. And because (Barchi) didn’t have the courage to stand up, he was made a scapegoat.

“Often when you make a mistake the next action is another mistake and that’s what happened. What they need is to get credibility back. Looking at this now, the best person we have for athletic director was here in the first place. Lets put him back.’’

Codey himself agreed, telling the Newark Star-Ledger: “This is becoming Comedy Central. It’s an embarrassment to the students and alumni of a great university and it’s time Mr. Barchi takes his show on the road.”

What a mess in Piscataway.

Governor Chris Christie has been a little more reserved in his comments as he is waiting to speak with Rutgers administrators before commenting publicly. Nonetheless, the reign of Hermann as athletic director appears to be nearing an end before it even officially begins.

Via Deadspin

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