Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Report: Majority of major league pitchers use sunscreen to gain competitive edge

Major League Baseball pitchers have found a new way to gain a competitive edge and it involves the use of sunscreen for a reason you may not have thought of before.

According to a report by Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports, the majority of baseball's best hurlers lather extra sunscreen onto themselves to help grip the ball better.
Two veteran pitchers and one source close to the Red Sox told Yahoo! Sports that about 90 percent of major league pitchers use some form of spray-on sunscreen—almost always BullFrog brand—that when combined with powdered rosin gives them a far superior grip on the ball. 
"Sunscreen and rosin could be used as foundation for houses," one American League pitcher said. "Produces a tack, glue-like substance that engineers would be jealous of."
Obviously, the added grip allows pitchers to get a better feel for the ball. This in turn allows them to maximize their pitch speed, increase their accuracy, and ramp up the bite of breaking balls.

On May 1, Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz came under fire after being accused of using a foreign substance to doctor up a baseball. He isn't the first player in baseball history to try and gain a competitive edge, and surely won't be the last, but his not-so-sly attempt has put pitchers under the microscope ever since.

So, if you see an MLB pitcher applying a ridiculous amount of SPF 15 this summer, don't be alarmed, he's just part of the majority who are preventing skin cancer while taking the mound.

Via Bleacher Report

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