Friday, May 31, 2013

Photo: Tony Kanaan bleaches hair after winning Indy 500 bet

Indianapolis 500 winner Tony Kanaan bleached his hair blonde this week after winning a bet with former Formula 1 driver Dubens Barrichello. Yes, this isn't a typo. Kanaan bleached his hair after winning the bet.

The hair — well, that was a bet between me and Rubens Barrichello. Being a good friend in the series — he’s going bald, you know — the bet was if I win the 500, he has to shave his head because I know he’s not going to grow it back up. He fired back at me, ‘I will do it, but you have to dye your hair blond (if you win).’ I think I’m getting the best of it.

Kanaan added further justification for his stance on the golden locks when explaining that he "always" shaves his head and the look won't last for too long.

“I always shave my head,” said Kanaan. “But he (Barrichello) will be bald for another 40 years. I’ll be blond for two days.”

Via For the Win